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If you're developing an app, we've got your backend. We can help you quickly support user accounts, linking, grouping, messaging, photo sharing, places, and more. Our Lift-powered platform provides the robust database-backed foundation for your app.


We build mobile applications using both native and HTML5 web technologies. We enable you to deploy broadly by concurrently addressing the major smartphone and tablet OS ecosystems.

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Encoding or playback. Streaming or local. Mobile or desktop. We can address your multimedia compression, delivery, protocol, and application needs. Let us help you achieve the best user experience with top performance and reliability.

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February 11, 2013

The latest ZupStream update is now available in the App Store! Check out the new crowdsourced activity ideas. Get inspired and head out with your crew.

With Zupstream, you interact and plan casually with your real friends:

  • Browse, contribute, and comment on crowdsourced activity ideas
  • Explore and share opportunities to hang out with your friends
  • Suggest things to do without necessarily knowing all the details
  • Share your wish list of things to do "someday"
  • Group your friends for various activities
  • Message groups of friends and message individuals privately
  • Share photos and favorite places
  • Relive past activities and suggest new ones
  • Organize and amplify your real social life